WOW Australian Population boom…

As I sat down at my desk today at work, my internet homepage popped up. I have set it to the Herald Sun, so that I always get the updated news.
This headline in particular caught my eye, “THE Australian population is set to reach 23 million in just four weeks, due primarily to an immigrant arriving every two minutes and 20 seconds.”

That surely is quite alot of people. I was shocked, then starting thinking how many people I actually know; surely cannot be more than a few hundred.
But doing the sums, by the time you add in family, friends, the pesky neighbour down the road, the guy who serves you coffee every morning and the local school crossing guard you end up with quite a lengthy list! But 24 million, can’t say I know that many people.

I thought about how packed my train is usually when I head home from University and then thought wow even more people. Sometimes the trains are so packed you can’t move, let alone breathe and add more people into that equation. Holy Moly that is unimaginable.

Well, if there are more people in the future, there will be less food, water, jobs, space, air, money and houses. Is Australian infrastructure able to keep up with this population?

Then I thought there is quite alot, rephrase that enormous amounts of land which remain unpopulated. Perhaps the people will have to live there if the population continues to grow.

Just a random thought, that got me thinking, what will happen in 50 or 100 years?

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