Good news for the Government, but what about us?


Once again the Australian government is in turmoil.

Yesterday Julia Gillard was challenged in a parliamentary spill for the role of Leader of the Labor Party, similar to what happened when Julia Gillard overthrew Kevin Rudd.  Canberra

The Minister for the Arts and Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government, Simon Crean called for the leadership change at 1 pm on the 21st of March. It has been said he encouraged Kevin Rudd to challenge Julia Gillard for the position of Prime Minister and he would run for the Deputy Leader’s position. Kevin Rudd declined the opportunity to run for leadership against Julia Gillard. A ballot was announced for 4:30 pm that afternoon. But at 4:15 pm, 15 minutes before the ballot he said he wouldn’t challenge Gillard for the position of Labor Party leader. It is believed he pulled out of the running after he didn’t receive the support from the party and failed to gain the numbers.

Two separate sources have said that Kevin Rudd had 46 of the available 100 votes; while the other said Rudd only would have secured 37 votes. In order to overturn Gillard, he would have needed 100 votes. Gillard won the vote by absolute majority.

Julia Gillard then was re-elected unopposed and sacked Simon Crean for “disloyalty”. He doesn’t seem to regret what he did, stating to the Herald Sun that “I knew fully the consequences. I don’t regret what I did. I gave the party the chance for a change.” It put an end to his quite lengthy parliamentary career.

After the unsettlement in the Labor Party yesterday, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has called for an immediate federal election, after a day which saw Julia Gillard successfully win her second leadership showdown against Kevin Rudd within a 13 month period. Gillard will continue campaigning towards a September 14 federal election despite many business and industry leaders calling for an immediate election; sharing the same wishes as Tony Abbott.

She continues to aim to get Australia ready for the future, creating policies to tackle education, disability care reform and the May 14 budget issues.

Gillard has dismissed Tony Abbott’s threats to try and force an early election after yesterday’s events. After the instigation of the spill by Simon Crean, five other Labor parliamentary members were also forced from their roles. Gillard will rat out those who show no loyalty towards he leadership to present a united front focused on the upcoming election.

Surely it is time for the public to have a say in who governs our country.

With the election only a few months away and the uncertainty and allegiance in the Labor Party is it time, us Australians got to decide who runs our country once and for all. (Well at least until their term in office is up for re-election). The Prime Minister represents the voice for all Australians, who do we want speaking for us? I have never really paid much attention to politics until it came time for me to enrol and have an impact on the decision process for who runs my country, our country. Voting is a right and repsonsbility in Australia, that all Australians eligible to vote should take seriously. We are a united voice, which picks the person and party who we believe will best lead our nation onwards to a better and brighter future!

Is the Labor Party settled, ready to present a united front for the September 14 election?

Ever since Julia Gillard overthrew Rudd for the leadership position of the Head of the Labor Party it has been seen in public polls that Rudd would be the preferred Leader. There is an unsettled civil war within the party who is currently in power. Will it be that this “civil war” within the party will affect the voters come Election Day?

I cannot speak for the entirety of the Australian people, but I am quite unsure which way to vote. Although I once did believe with the issues and beliefs of the Labor Party, the parliamentary unrest that lies in the party is making me second-guess my decision.

When Gillard announced the election was to be held on September 14th, it was one of the longest notices given of an election date since Federation. The official election campaign period is set to begin on Monday August 12th. To ensure people get a chance to have their say in voting for who they believe is best equipped to run the country, they must ensure they are registered on the electoral roll. Electoral rolls will close at 8pm on August 19th.  Over history it is set to be the fifth federal election held in September.

In the lead-up to the 2013 Federal  Election, it will be interesting to see what else happens along the way. Can Labor hold it together and remain united or can Abbott target the troubled party in the race to win the role of Prime Minister. Only time will tell!

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