How do you really know what is going to happen in the future…


Precognition’ definition: Knowledge of an event before it occurs.

For thousands of years, mankind has been foretelling the future. Throughout history, kings and queens have always had a seer or shaman by their side to tell them whether they will win a battle, or use mirrors or water to let them know who is their best match in marriage. Through dream interpretation or reading the cards, they have foretold the future. But what exactly does it mean?

Precognition is the ability to see into the future. But how could this be possible? Surely the future is something out there that hasn’t happened yet.

Or is it? Quantum physicists and scientists have been studying different ideas for a while now and some are beginning to believe that, instead of time moving in a straight line from this moment to the next, maybe it actually has all happened at once and we are just at a certain point within that time. Without going into the physics of it all, this means that when we look at the clock and it says 12 o’clock, we know that in five minutes it will be five past the hour. On the other hand, if time has happened all at once, then in theory we should be able to ‘see’ the past and the future, as long as we could make a machine that would allow us to tap into this ‘timescape’.

Why do we see into the future?

Why do we see into the future?

So why do we see the future?

There have been many reports over the years in newspapers and magazines of people – usually well-educated, intelligent human beings – who have stated that they have seen the future. They not only claim to have seen future events, but have in fact written them down. Some people actually send these premonitions or precognitions to the Psychic Research Society or even store them in their bank to prove to the world that they were telling the truth. So, how can this be? And why doesn’t it happen to everybody?

I believe we can all do this. How many times have you thought about somebody, only to see them a few hours later? Maybe that is telepathy. Or is it?

That is just an example, but if we want to study this properly then we have to rule out other ideas – whether they are psychic ideas or everyday occurrences. So, we will say that predicting seeing a friend is telepathy.

But what happens if you dream about an earthquake taking place in Mexico on the 5th of January 2012 and then it happened? How on earth would you explain that? Was it coincidence? Surely not, especially if you have the day and time exactly right.

No need for a crystal ball!

How do you really know what is going to happen in the future…

How do you really know what is going to happen in the future…

Deja vu.

The trouble is, unless you actually document your dreams or even daydreams when the incident occurs, you may actually be having deja vu. We have all had this occur at some time or another. We feel that we have been to a particular city or building before. In fact, we are so certain, we then go on to believe it must involve reincarnation. We know we haven’t visited that place in this lifetime, so therefore it must have happened in a previous lifetime. Scientists now believe this happens because of how our brain works. Evidently, if we see something for the first time, chemicals in the brain can actually make us ‘see’ it a second time. Therefore, we believe that we have been there before.

But then again, that can only explain the fact that you think you recognise the place. It doesn’t explain how on earth I knew there was a room at the back of the building painted pink! But I am getting off the subject…

Precognition or imagination?

Unless this subject is studied more, we can only guess at how accurate it actually is. Even though I am a sceptical person and prone to dissecting every bit of information that I cannot understand, and even more so, making sure it has a scientific explanation, I am aware of the fact that this has happened to me. A lot.

Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe: The Physical Possibilities of Travel Through Time

Is Time Travel Possible?

So where does this leave us?

Is time travel possible?

Is time travel possible?

In Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, Einstein believed that time was not as human beings see it. He believed that time could be stretched or shrunk, all depending on whether you were going very fast or very slow. This was his main study into time travel. Einstein was sure that one day it would be physically possible to travel into the future or the past. Surely the only way this is possible is if time as we know it is completely wrong. We could travel backwards or forwards in time only if it had happened all at once. Of course, there is the other theory that if we did travel through time, we would not actually travel back to ‘our’ time but another dimension that was either behind us or in front of us in time. But once again, that’s another story!

So taking into consideration all the details of scientists and seers – scientists who study and only believe when they can see the proof in front of them and seers who can actually see the future without any proof – where does this leave us?

All I can say is that time, like everything else in the universe, is a strange and tantalising fact. The only problem is that we don’t know what that fact is! Maybe one day we will find out. And that day will be wondrous indeed!

So, what do you think?

Is this just a coincidence? Maybe it is all in my mind… But can that be true of the many other people who have had this experience? Will we ever know the truth about precognition?



3 thoughts on “How do you really know what is going to happen in the future…

  1. Interesting. I don’t want to get into the somewhat confusing and unnecessary theories of Multiverses and alternate dimensions, particularly as we have yet to determine a single piece of evidence for their ‘existence’ (but neither can i deny the existence of a thing simply because we don’t currently have the faculty to detect what evidence may exist) but i can posit a second explanation for precognition just using Einsteinian space-time in 4d.

    If we consider that all of time and space exists, but in varying levels of probablility, all simultaneously, but it is our individual perception of an event that causes the probability waveform to collapse down to a one-to one (certainty) state at the time of our perception of the event, it is not unreasonable for us ( indeed it may even be a necessity) to ‘predict’ the likelihood of certain future events based on previous experiences of events and their frequencies in the past.

    Having seen a sunrise every morning i awake, i can confidently predict another one occuring at a given time tomorrow, and so on).

    Knowing my friend Peter exists and we are likely to recognise each other the next time we see one another, i can less confidently predict we will see each other again in the future.

    The same for any combination of ‘known’ events – earthquakes tokyo, hurricanes mexico, etc.

    When these probabilities do not eventuate we think nothing of them but attach strong meaning to them when they do occur ‘as predicted’.

    Now for the imaginative leap…

    What if we are able to influence the probability of an event collapsing down to one-to one simply by believing it will/has happened in our future?
    If that act of predicting it results somehow in the manifestation of the particular event at the particular time frame we live in?

    What if we can create the future, now?

    It is, as yet, an imperfect ‘science’ but what if we practice and believe it to be true? Could we manifest the life we wish for? Is that the way the Universe really works?

    How powerful is our belief – particularly if we believe that EVERYTHING is possible and nothing therefore, is impossible?

    The Christian belief requires Christians to believe in and have faith in an all-powerful God to whom miracles and all things are possible (yet few hold such a firm unshakeable belief). God says we are to follow His will not our own, should we not then be able to do as he does? At least insofar as it concerns our immediate life and events?

    Is belief how the Universe works?

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