During the morning I started off by creating spreadsheets for the new campaign being run by a local garden supply franchise which is giving away gardening kits to local schools and kindergartens. Each franchise then nominated three local schools or kindergartens that they wished to give the gardening kits to. Some of the franchises had been given the opportunity to then go to the schools and provides the students with tips and advice for how to tend to a garden and how to use the kits that they will be given.

By doing such a relationship is formed within the community which links local businesses doing what they can and helping the local people by giving back to the community.

I then spent the afternoon creating the annual report summary for the third quarter for the local DIY franchises. The report is basically a summary of everything that had occurred in the past quarter for the client and its competitors. It includes an in-depth client service analyse which has been carried out by PR Edge as being the PR and Media representative and liason for the client. It is important to present this to the client to show what they are getting for their money essentially and that by using PR Edge they are getting their moneys-worth and are raising knowledge of their company to the people.

By providing the client with an in-depth competitor analysis it lets them track the improvements and changes they have made over the last quarter so that the client can counter-act what they have done in their own business practises. The analysis included the news coverage, new store openings, marketing and advertising campaigns, commercials, business partnerships and authority/industry ties.

Even the small competitors must be covered in the competitor analysis so that all aspects of the company can be analysed both big and small!


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