So I walked into my first day and scared stiff! I had no clue what to expect or what I was supposed to do or say. I walked up the stairs I had walked up a week before for my interview and it felt like every step I took my shoes were making loud thumping noises. People rushed quickly up and down the stairs. I walked behind the reception desk and entered a new world. It became the world of the unknown, a young hip urban scene in inner city Richmond. People everywhere looking busy. My supervisor then walked towards me and so my first day had begun.

I felt like a small child at school who didn’t know a soul and I didn’t know where to sit or stand. To start off my computer wouldn’t turn on so I had to ring the tech guys. First incompetence of the day for the newbie! Throughout the day I was involved in emailing all the participating stores in the new campaign and promotion happening for the local DIY franchises.

Lunch time came around and by then I thought it was smooth sailing until I progressed to fall over a chair.

As I left all I could think was, hopefully next week is better!


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