Today I was given the chance to work with two of the other account managers, one being on a financial based account and other being fashion/lifestyle based account. With PR Edge being a community based firm all marketing and client representations are heavily tied to the community. To start off in the morning I drafted a two-week social media community engagement plan, which is basically planning what will appear on all the social media outlets each morning of the following two week period. It must relate to the client‘s basis and be short and eye-grabbing.

The community engagement plan had to take on informal, colloquial language, as no-one wants to read long rambles of professional jargon on their facebook on their coffee break or on the tram on the way to work. Looking at past engagement plans I was able to get a feel for the type of content that was needed to be generated. I was then able to see how the general public had reacted and responded to the previous posts.

I then spent the afternoon researching different media outlets, (magazines, websites, blogs, twitter accounts etc) that could endorse and raise awareness for the client. I developed a mixed lists of blogs that covered fashion and lifestyle content. I then looked at past posts that they had done previously to get a feel for the content that could be generated. Before I knew it, 5:30 had come around and it was time to finish up for the day, jump on the tram and head home.


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