The day started off without any mistakes or delays. The two connecting trains were up and running, and I managed to catch both on time. I walked into the office today and firstly heard the word MEDIA RELEASES. This got me excited, I was told that today would be spent sending out the media releases for the sporting campaign which was running with the local DIY stores. The media releases involved getting real quotes off the Spokespeople and relaying the information for the local media outlets.

After each media release was completed it was just a matter of emailing each release to the appropriate media outlet nearest the sporting club. It was intending to build community bond with the DIY franchise and the local sporting club. It was suggested that the DIY franchises got behind the sporting club to promote people to be involved in the online voting. Out of all the finalists, there were ten winners with a certain amount of money awarded to them for equipment, training or upgrades to the club.

The voting was seen on social media for the local clubs. Each person could vote once per day, everyday that the competition was running.

Through submitting all media releases to the local media outlets I soon learned the importance of the company’s media kit or contacts list always being updated. If the media kit remains less updated and not updated then the releases don’t get to the public. This is when you might get an error message on your screen from your email that reads, “message undeliverable”. Each media kit or contacts list should contain the contacts name, email address, position and the area which the medium reaches or circulates. I was also shown how different the circulation numbers can change the price of the advertisement or story costs. Such contacts then just replied back to the press release I had sent. It was direct contact with the press and media!!!


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