This morning as I left the house the sun was sunny and I thought today was going to be a good day and it was!

I jumped onto the train and headed into the city. The local DIY franchise and sporting competition had ended and the finalists were being announced in the next few days, all that was left to complete now was to compile media kits for all media outlets in the specific areas so that the client could receive positive media coverage in print, online and radio mediums.  So the morning began with finding all appropriate media mediums in the surrounding areas of the ten local DIY franchises and the club finalists. A media kit as I had learnt earlier on in the first few days was important to be kept updated and recent so that the contacts were always receiving the content the company was sending out on behalf of the client.

It was simple enough to compile the lists of media mediums the hard part came when you had to find an appropriate media contact within the organisation. Some organisations clearly listed such contacts on their websites others had a generic info@ email address. Even by further calling the  organisations they were relentless to release such details and information. It was interesting to see the amount of media outlets that varied from area to area. Even some more remote locations had more media organisations that were running than the larger surburbian areas.

After spending a few hours on preparing comprehensive up to-date media lists, I handed them over to the account manager and was assigned my next task. This included beginning to create the media releases for the finalist of the cash grants given to them by the DIY franchises. As there were ten finalists that meant ten media releases!

In each release it included a quote from the club spokesperson about what receiving the grants would mean to the club and the impact that it would have on the community and the players.


Before I knew it the day had come to an end and I knew next week the finalists would be notified and be extremely busy!!!



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