This morning as I left the house the sun was sunny and I thought today was going to be a good day and it was!

I jumped onto the train and headed into the city. The local DIY franchise and sporting competition had ended and the finalists were being announced in the next few days, all that was left to complete now was to compile media kits for all media outlets in the specific areas so that the client could receive positive media coverage in print, online and radio mediums.  So the morning began with finding all appropriate media mediums in the surrounding areas of the ten local DIY franchises and the club finalists. A media kit as I had learnt earlier on in the first few days was important to be kept updated and recent so that the contacts were always receiving the content the company was sending out on behalf of the client.

It was simple enough to compile the lists of media mediums the hard part came when you had to find an appropriate media contact within the organisation. Some organisations clearly listed such contacts on their websites others had a generic info@ email address. Even by further calling the  organisations they were relentless to release such details and information. It was interesting to see the amount of media outlets that varied from area to area. Even some more remote locations had more media organisations that were running than the larger surburbian areas.

After spending a few hours on preparing comprehensive up to-date media lists, I handed them over to the account manager and was assigned my next task. This included beginning to create the media releases for the finalist of the cash grants given to them by the DIY franchises. As there were ten finalists that meant ten media releases!

In each release it included a quote from the club spokesperson about what receiving the grants would mean to the club and the impact that it would have on the community and the players.


Before I knew it the day had come to an end and I knew next week the finalists would be notified and be extremely busy!!!





During the morning I started off by creating spreadsheets for the new campaign being run by a local garden supply franchise which is giving away gardening kits to local schools and kindergartens. Each franchise then nominated three local schools or kindergartens that they wished to give the gardening kits to. Some of the franchises had been given the opportunity to then go to the schools and provides the students with tips and advice for how to tend to a garden and how to use the kits that they will be given.

By doing such a relationship is formed within the community which links local businesses doing what they can and helping the local people by giving back to the community.

I then spent the afternoon creating the annual report summary for the third quarter for the local DIY franchises. The report is basically a summary of everything that had occurred in the past quarter for the client and its competitors. It includes an in-depth client service analyse which has been carried out by PR Edge as being the PR and Media representative and liason for the client. It is important to present this to the client to show what they are getting for their money essentially and that by using PR Edge they are getting their moneys-worth and are raising knowledge of their company to the people.

By providing the client with an in-depth competitor analysis it lets them track the improvements and changes they have made over the last quarter so that the client can counter-act what they have done in their own business practises. The analysis included the news coverage, new store openings, marketing and advertising campaigns, commercials, business partnerships and authority/industry ties.

Even the small competitors must be covered in the competitor analysis so that all aspects of the company can be analysed both big and small!



Today I was given the chance to work with two of the other account managers, one being on a financial based account and other being fashion/lifestyle based account. With PR Edge being a community based firm all marketing and client representations are heavily tied to the community. To start off in the morning I drafted a two-week social media community engagement plan, which is basically planning what will appear on all the social media outlets each morning of the following two week period. It must relate to the client‘s basis and be short and eye-grabbing.

The community engagement plan had to take on informal, colloquial language, as no-one wants to read long rambles of professional jargon on their facebook on their coffee break or on the tram on the way to work. Looking at past engagement plans I was able to get a feel for the type of content that was needed to be generated. I was then able to see how the general public had reacted and responded to the previous posts.

I then spent the afternoon researching different media outlets, (magazines, websites, blogs, twitter accounts etc) that could endorse and raise awareness for the client. I developed a mixed lists of blogs that covered fashion and lifestyle content. I then looked at past posts that they had done previously to get a feel for the content that could be generated. Before I knew it, 5:30 had come around and it was time to finish up for the day, jump on the tram and head home.



The day started off without any mistakes or delays. The two connecting trains were up and running, and I managed to catch both on time. I walked into the office today and firstly heard the word MEDIA RELEASES. This got me excited, I was told that today would be spent sending out the media releases for the sporting campaign which was running with the local DIY stores. The media releases involved getting real quotes off the Spokespeople and relaying the information for the local media outlets.

After each media release was completed it was just a matter of emailing each release to the appropriate media outlet nearest the sporting club. It was intending to build community bond with the DIY franchise and the local sporting club. It was suggested that the DIY franchises got behind the sporting club to promote people to be involved in the online voting. Out of all the finalists, there were ten winners with a certain amount of money awarded to them for equipment, training or upgrades to the club.

The voting was seen on social media for the local clubs. Each person could vote once per day, everyday that the competition was running.

Through submitting all media releases to the local media outlets I soon learned the importance of the company’s media kit or contacts list always being updated. If the media kit remains less updated and not updated then the releases don’t get to the public. This is when you might get an error message on your screen from your email that reads, “message undeliverable”. Each media kit or contacts list should contain the contacts name, email address, position and the area which the medium reaches or circulates. I was also shown how different the circulation numbers can change the price of the advertisement or story costs. Such contacts then just replied back to the press release I had sent. It was direct contact with the press and media!!!



So I walked into my first day and scared stiff! I had no clue what to expect or what I was supposed to do or say. I walked up the stairs I had walked up a week before for my interview and it felt like every step I took my shoes were making loud thumping noises. People rushed quickly up and down the stairs. I walked behind the reception desk and entered a new world. It became the world of the unknown, a young hip urban scene in inner city Richmond. People everywhere looking busy. My supervisor then walked towards me and so my first day had begun.

I felt like a small child at school who didn’t know a soul and I didn’t know where to sit or stand. To start off my computer wouldn’t turn on so I had to ring the tech guys. First incompetence of the day for the newbie! Throughout the day I was involved in emailing all the participating stores in the new campaign and promotion happening for the local DIY franchises.

Lunch time came around and by then I thought it was smooth sailing until I progressed to fall over a chair.

As I left all I could think was, hopefully next week is better!