Greensborough Italian & Seafood Restaurant

PUBLISHED 26/11/12 ON Weekend Notes

(SOURCE: Cyclonebill – Wikimedia Commons)

I’m a local and I’m never surprised to see people in this place whenever I drive past. I gave this place a try and was glad I did.

The food is traditional home-style Italian cooking.

The pizza is fresh and the cheese melts as you eat it. The spaghetti is hearty, with the right balance of herbs and tomato sauce.

The service is friendly and with a smile.

I often dine here with a friend who has food allergies and the chef always alters the dishes accordingly. This is why my friends and I eat here regularly. It is so nice to be able to go out for dinner without feeling guilty for being a fussy eater.

It always amazes me how big and delicious the meals are and the menu is also reasonably priced.

I would certainly recommend Greensborough Italian & Seafood Restaurant to anyone looking for a great decent sized meal for a good price.