For University I will be keeping this blog:

For the Literature and Media Project A, I will be writing a series of articles and pieces for a variety of online publications.

These publications will be:
– Weekend Notes: I will mainly be writing a collection of reviews of interesting and fun things to do on the weekend in various suburbs throughout Melbourne.
– Hits247: It is an online internet radio station, that is run by people under the age of 30. I will be writing a collection of opinions pieces and current affair articles relating to issues affecting the Australian Youth.

– The Marshalltown: is an online music, film, television, sports and culture news magazine with editors and writers based in the UK, Australia and US. I will be writing cultural commentary pieces, opinion pieces and reviews of affairs relating to the Youth demographic.

– Student View: It is an online magazine run by students for students. I will be writing pieces of similar nature to the above publications.
I have always been interested in writing and believe this is a way to build up a portfolio of work and develop my writing ability.
I am aiming to have written roughly thirty pieces by the end of semester.

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